Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuff On MY Cats

Have you ever heard of the website Stuff On My Cat?

Stuff On My Cat - or SOMC, for those lame cat ladies like me who frequent the site but are too lazy to type the name - is a fairly awesome website of stuff on cats. The 'stuff' ranges from clothing to scrabble tiles to get the idea. (Sometimes it really is more like My Cat On Stuff, but hey, who's being picky?)

While perusing SOMC, I keep coming across pictures of cats wearing a yellow, green, and orange striped tie. Imagine my delight when my dear sister gave my cats this tie for Christmas. So...since apparently it takes months for pictures to show up on SOMC due to the high volume they receive (WHY WHY WHY do I never think to start these kind of stupidly succesful ventures?) I have decided to offer you guys a little treat.

This is literally Stuff On MY Cats:



And last but not least, Ralph:


Alison said...

SOOOO cute.

My cats would never stand for that, though...I can't even put collars on them!

Lisa Gibala Warren said...

I think you need a weekly stuff on my cat(s) photo element.