Friday, February 8, 2008

Facing the Truth...

...that it must have been a slow news day for the New York Times to devote an entire article to the phenomenon of "face washing", a move familar to many hockey spectators. (click here to read A Sweaty Hand in the Face: On the Ice, It’s Perfectly Fair ).
Not that I'm complaining. There seems to be a severe lack of hockey and hockey coverage out here. I'll take what I can get. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Detroit Free Press and their near-worship of the Red Wings over the past 11 or 12 years, but still - I'm hurtin' right now.

Cheli, Ozzie, Drapes, Maltz - the boys are all there playing their season without me. Giving up Wings games at Joe Louis Arena was perhaps the hardest thing to give up (besides Becky) when I left Michigan. I can hardly ever manage to catch the game son TV, and it's just not the same anyway.

Having Shanny two hours away at Madison Square Garden is hardly a worthy substitute, mainly because A) Madison Square Garden is two hours away in the middle of New York City - NOT the most accessible venue, particularly on a weeknight and B) Rangers tickets get ridiculously expensive and hard to get.

As for making the Bruins my substitute team...well...yeah, that is just not going to happen. Although I give style props to the kid I saw at the game wearing the foam bear head (his face was in the jaws - it was pretty impressive).

I was lucky enough to see the Wings in Boston last weekend, and while it was fun, it lacked the spirit of a Wings-Blackhawks game in Chicago...or a Wings-Anyone game at home. I never thought I'd yearn for those 18 games against Columbus, but I'd take them right now.

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