Monday, February 4, 2008

Rice Spice Skeptic

Tonight I will be trying Rice Spice Noodles in Mystic for the first time. Rice Spice is a Thai restaurant with an emphasis on the contemporary. In addition to traditional Thai they offer several Western-influenced and fusion dishes.

Rice Spice Noodles was reviewd by the New York Times (!) shortly after it opened in 2005. You can read this review here.

I am hoping since it is now 2008 and Rice Spice is still in business that this is an indication that the restaurant has worked through the service problems and inconsitencies mentioned in the NYT review. And I am somewhat excited about the prospect of choosing a wine beforehand and taking it to the restaurant with me, seeing as how I've been less than impressed with wine lists in general around here - although being slightly on the broke side this week, my selection will probably be along the lines of Yellow Tail (I probably shouldn't joke about that - I've seen Yellow Tail on some wine lists out here and they are not restaurants where I would have expected it.)

Anyway, I am off to dinner. I'll post an update later tonight.

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mike said...

Sounds exciting. We have a superb local restaurant around here that I sometimes patronize. It is formally named Applebees, but those of us in the know just call it "The Bees."

Can you get reservations at Dorsia?