Friday, February 15, 2008

Progress Report

Miles run today: 1.5 (hey it was at lunch - it's sort of a miracle I did any at all)

Scarf length knit: None yet. This gets done while I watch TV.

Problems encountered with hobbies today: 1 - see photograph. Ralph managed to chew all the way through the piece of yarn connecting the scarf and the ball. Not overly traumatic, but forces me to have to integrate new yarn sooner than planned.

1 comment:

Becky said...

That silly kitty...always getting into something! Ralph makes me laugh! I enjoy all the pictures I get of him on my phone causing mischeif. I could NEVER run 1.5 miles during lunch. OK, maybe I could...I did use to be in track, but the "running" part of my life is over! I prefer the Precor! Hey, I guess you need to start your training for your marathon at somepoint....Good Job!