Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Five a Day the Color Way

In an attempt to actually eat healthier, I have decided to eat the daily recommended serving of fruits and vegetables. I believe that the recommended amount is five a day. I started this experiment on Monday, so I am two days in.

Now, I would say for the past year or two I have probably eaten 1-2 servings on weekdays and maybe one on weekends if we happened to go out to dinner and I ordered a salad. Needless to say, there is room for improvement.

(I sort of figured that Clementine season - during which I eat six to eight Clementines a day - does not count because they are all the same thing. Also, they do not fill me up so I still eat all the garbage I would normally eat in addition to the six to eight Clementines.)

My menu for the past two days has consisted of one of each of the following items:
  • Banana
  • Tangerine
  • Cucumber (actually, only half a cucumber, sliced up)
  • Red or Green pepper
  • Apple

What I have found is that these foods actually do fill me up. In addition to this list, all I eat during the day is a can of tuna fish.

Dinner is a slightly different story, although I am trying to improve in that arena as well (there is a reason I am eating all my fruits and veggies during the day, and that is because I want to fully enjoy my dinner). The problem is I really like to cook, and I like to cook things that involve oil, cheese, wine, decadent sauces, breading...you get the idea. But I am no longer eating the leftovers for lunch. I figure that might have been what was killing me calorie-wise.

Unfortunately, my decision to up my fruit and veggie intake coincides with my decision to give up coffee for Lent, and after two weeks in I am still not adjusted to the lack of morning caffeine. The apple does not really provide the same satisfaction. It's not just the caffeine, either - I really like the taste of coffee...even crappy work coffee.

Also, I have not been so great about cutting out caloric beverages. Although I am not a big juice or soda drinker, I DO like wine...and beer...and gin. However, I am attempting to enjoy these things in smaller quantities (only two beers at trivia night instead of three and a half!).

This is all part of my grand scheme to get back in shape before I run the half marathon in Indianapolis on May 3rd...which reminds me, I did five miles on the treadmill yesterday! (I'm not going to lie, though - it was tough.)

Anyway, I've never been great at healthy eating, so this is a fairly new experience for me (FYI -I am not counting senior year of high school where I existed on green peppers and chicken sandwiches - on white bread with butter - as "eating healthy".) I'll let you know how it works out.

On other Progress Report news, my ugly yellow scarf is almost finished. The only reason that it is taking so long is because I have really lost interest in making scarves. But I promised myself I would finish it before I started a real project.


Alison said...

You are a masochist. Quitting coffee and "real food" at the same time? Ouch!

BTW...I'm almost done with my first pair of mittens! They're ugly mittens, but they're mittens nonetheless. When you come home, we'll have to have a knit-in.

Alexis said...

I'm distracted from all this healthy talk by your description of what you like to cook for dinner. Mmmm.

By the way, this is Alexis T. Came via Facebook and am reading now. Hi!