Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Miss Becky

10) She laughs at every single thing I say even when it is not remotely funny, and sometimes she even tells me "That was SO funny!"

9) We should be stripping wall paper and scraping paint together...we were completely robbed of the joy in becoming home owners at the same time.

8) I have no one to go to Starbucks with (this might be an opportune time to point out that there really aren't a lot of Starbucks around here, either).

7) Becky is a terrible emailer and I am a horrible phone-caller. This doesn't bode well for a long-distance best friendship.

6) Nobody mistakes me and my friends out here for lesbians.

5) Ross Huetteman runs a close second to Dave Peruski in the "My Favorite Dads That Are Not My Dad" contest.

4) Becky just started drinking beer again right before I moved. That's a lot of unconsumed beer at Sticks just going to waste.

3) It's not as fun to make fun of Steve behind his back if Becky isn't there...of course, Steve isn't here either so I guess I am not doing much of that anyway.

2) Because when you love somebody (till the end of time), when you love somebody (always on my mind), no one needs you more than I need...oh, sorry, did I just slip into Chicago's You're the Inspiration for a minute?

1) Because she is my best friend. Duh.


Becky said...

I miss you SOOOOO much! I have actually gotten a little better with email....but I definetly need to improve! You are "always on my mind". Even though your in another state...you will always be my best friend. I love you.

Sandi said...

It saddens me that this distance tugs at your heartstrings so. The bond you two share is such a blessing.

Rose said...

I love that my Dad gets mention in your blog as favorite Dad that is not your Dad. I just remember our summer of being obnoxious and stalking boys. Good times :)