Thursday, February 21, 2008

It appears that the website has come to life...this happens to computers and robots sometimes

I am starting to think that Dwight Shrute (Rainn Wilson from The Office) is correct in his hatred of the internet. Both my MySpace and my Facebook account have been hacked recently, spamming my friends with notices about Mike who died and free ringtones.

Now, this spam was bad enough when I was on the receiving end of it - we all have been. But trust me, it's worse when it's coming from you.

I apologize to anyone who received a spam message from me. But...seriously, guys, you've seen these before. Please do NOT bombard me with "WTF?" and "What are you talking about?" messages. One, there is nothing I can do about it. Two, everyone knows I've never downloaded a ringtone in my life (I am possibly the only person in the modern world with the annoying Nokia ring) - WHY would I care about free ringtones? And three, if our mutual friend Mike died, do you really think I'd pick MYSPACE as the forum to tell you about it?

I understand these messages are annoying. I am annoyed when I receive them from other people. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do but go through and delete the offending comment from everybody's wall one by one, and that got old after about fifteen people. And half of them had already seen it anyway.

I am sorry if this post sounds abrasive. This kind of stuff makes me want to take down my profiles on these sites. Yet I don't want to do that because (when I am not sending spam messages) I use these sites to post photos and keep in touch with my friends back in Michigan and other places. I would be really sorry to lose this fast and easy outlet.

But if this happens one more time, I probably will. I guess I better really push everyone to start reading my blog because it might the only internet presence I have left.

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Robert said...

You know, your "that link you gave me with the free ringtones" spam message would have made a whole lot more sense if there was, you know, a link. Maybe this is a new type of spam where they leave you trying to figure out just what thing you're supposed to accidentally click.