Monday, February 2, 2009

Popularity Contest

I realized this morning that I have been blogging for three days short of a year. In that time I have managed to put up 154 posts (counting this one). At the beginning, sometimes those posts were simply links to news items I found interesting or recaps of hockey games (which have now been moved to the blog I share with Amanda, Double A Hockey) - you could say this blog lacked consistency and focus. However, some prevalent themes of this blog have revealed themselves as I look over old posts: lists (particularly lists of five things that I decide I like); reviews of east coast tourist attractions, and, of course, restaurants. There have also been a few random musings (mix tapes, high school memories) that have turned out to be some of the more greatly read posts.

In honor of my one year - or rather, my 362 day - anniversary, here are recaps and links to some of the more popular posts:
In addition to these posts, some of the more widely-read items have been my numerous postings on restaurants. I love restaurants and have been trying to make the most of my fairly limited selection. While I have not written a piece on every restaurant I've eaten at out here, here are links to the posts on the ones that I covered in any detail:
Thank you so much for continuing to read this blog. I hope I am able to keep it interesting. I promise to have a new post - not a cheating recap post - up soon!


Bobby G said...

My 1 yr is in April, im doin something similar!

Mary G said...

Amy...I've been following your blog for about 9 months. Most days at work, I eat lunch at my desk. On those days, I tell your Mom that I'm having "lunch with Amy." I enjoy reading all of your entries but especially the restaurant reviews. I don’t even need the pictures to imagine what the selections taste like…you’re descriptions make my mouth water! I also keep up with your “Buns Eye View” blog and find Bun’s photography very interesting. Thanks for making lunch at my desk a little more palatable. Mary G.