Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Five Things I Love This Week:
The Picture Edition

5. Homemade Bolognese Sauce
Mine it is a cross between "real" Bolognese (simmered for three hours and containing milk) and Giada (as in DeLaurentis) Bolognese (simmered for half an hour and no milk) but the end result is pretty delicious: thick, meaty, and rustic with small pieces of celery, carrots and onion served over some good quality organic pasta with a green salad and garlic bread. Food that will stick to your ribs.

2. Pre-dinner cocktails while making said Bolognese sauce.
OK, it was a cocktail, not cocktails, plural. But after a long, frustrating day at work, a little vodka and club soda with a lot of fresh lemon or lime juice really hits the spot. Maybe I should have made vodka sauce instead of bolognese and stuck with a theme. Another thing I love this week: my red wooden chicken behind the cocktail. I bought it a Brazilian import store here in New London. It is not Noe's favorite thing in our kitchen.

3. Wine Parties at John and Katie's
Not only did we sample numerous types of French wine and eat John's AMAZING homemade fried wantons, we got to play Guitar Hero, sing songs, and get yet another portrait of the Trifecta.

2. Cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto
This is my new favorite snack. I used to think it sounded disgusting but have since discovered that it is indeed glorious. In fact, it's the only way I really love to eat cantaloupe, which has never been my favorite fruit (or even my favorite melon, for that matter). The fact that it's extra-good Murray's prosciutto makes it even more delicious.

1. Bibliocat (AKA Ralph + library books)
Ralph has always had an appetite for books - literally. He has punctured the covers of several paperbacks with numerous little fang marks. However, as much as Ralph likes to sink his teeth into a shiny new paperback, he really loves library books and used books from the Book Barn - probably for that unique library book/used book smell they seem to acquire. (I'm sure the fact that numerous cats roam the Book Barn shelves and sleep amongst the tomes has something to do with it as well.) He has also developed an affinity for dust jackets, seen below.

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