Sunday, April 20, 2008

IDK, my BFF Rose

In my last post, I referenced my best friend Rose and the fact that she moved away when we were in fourth grade. Ironically enough, Rose called me yesterday to tell me that while opening random boxes in her parent's basement, she found a box of letters, all dated 1991, that I had written her after she moved.

The portions she read to me are pretty priceless. Sample paragraph:

Hey Rose,

Are you reading anything good right now? I just finished BSC #43 and it was great! Is Greg still the dumbest kid in the world? PS - tell your dad to keep up the good work on the banana pancakes!

BSC #43 refers to the forty-third book in the then-popular Babysitters Club series (which according to the internet is Stacey's Emergency), Greg refers to Rose's younger brother, and keeping up the good work on the banana pancakes seems to refer to Mr. Peruski making banana pancakes, but as I do not remember him ever doing so is more likely than not some stupid private joke.

Obviously, I wish I had letters from Rose to retaliate with, but her letters have all fallen victim to my father's sporadic "throw away everything in the house" binges. However, Rose has promised to send photocopies or scanned versions of some of my more choice letters and I will share them with you (maybe) as soon as she does so.


Deafula said...
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Alison said...

Awesome subject line. My grandma's name was Rose, so my brother and I would text each other every time that commercial came on.

Lisa Gibala Warren said...

Love the new masthead, A wiseman. Clever.

I love that you have such long term pals. I have notes and other embarassing fun I am hanging on to for wedding toasts.