Monday, April 7, 2008

We Are the Champions (well, we probably won't be, but a girl can hope, right?)

Now that the NCAA tournament has ended, let's talk about the REAL playoffs: The NHL.

NHL playoff time always makes me nostalgic for a few years back when we could look at a playoff schedule and laugh at match-ups like Anaheim-Detroit or Minnesota-Colorado (Ah, remember when those seemed humorous? Remember when Nashville was a complete joke? How times have changed.) My sister Kristen recently announced her predictions on her MySpace blog.

Mini-Wiseman's predictions (with Mini-Wiseman commentary):

Western Conference

(1) Detroit vs. (8) Nashville - easy as pie, Wings in 5

(2) San Jose vs. (7) Calgary - they need to start living up to the hype, SJ in 5

(3) Minnesota vs. (6) Colorado - all I have to say is Jose Theodore, Avs in 6

(4) Anaheim vs. (5) Dallas - this is the closest match-up, Stars in 7

Eastern Conference

(1) Montreal vs. (8) Boston - this is a joke right? Habs in 4

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa - regular season stats don’t matter now, Pens in 5

(3)Washington vs. (6) Philly - It may be Sergei’s last time to shine, Caps in 6

(4) New Jersey vs. (5) NY Rangers - NJ hasn’t been good in years, NYR in 5

I agree with Kristen's predictions for the most part - unlike me and my dad and the tumultuous NCAA bracket fill-out, Kris and I tend to agree on our hockey. The only things I may call into question in her predictions:

Anaheim Vs. Dallas in the West:
The rest of the Western Conference is definitely going to be put on hold waiting for the outcome of this series. I think it's going the full seven games either way, but I think Anaheim and those stupid Neidermeyer brothers might manage a victory (them and Pronger, provided he can actually stay on the ice, ha ha).

New Jersey Vs. New York Rangers in the East: I agree, NJ hasn't been good in awhile, but they still have Brodeur in goal and he can pull it out - this may be a six-game series. I still prefer the pick of the Rangers for the sake of Brendan Shanahan (we're Shana-fans in Detroit, even though he left us) and Jaromir Jagr (really, I like his name).

As for the rest of the picks - seriously, the Bruins made the playoffs? How did that happen? (Sorry East Coast, but you know they haven't exactly had the best decade or so.) I am very excited to see how the Pens perform in playoffs (and to resume my Malkin vs. Crosby argument with Noe, although I am NOT excited for repeated viewings of Crosby's stupid Gatorade commercial) and I can't wait to see what Sergei will do for the Caps (please, Sergei - just do something, OK?)

As for the Red Wings: well, I wish I were more optimistic. I am going to cautiously stick with Mini-Wiseman's prediction for Round One, although Nashville is a scary team for us. And though it breaks my heart to say it, I think we'll expend so much energy trying to beat Nashville in the first round that if we make it to the second we may be too tired to inflict any damage. That being said - I hope I am wrong.


Kristen said...

Mini Wiseman? who came up with that?

Amy W. said...

Me. Because I am about two inches taller and outweigh you by about thirty pounds.