Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Long Goodbye:
An Unwelcome Guest, Part Two

When I left for work yesterday morning, our slithery little visitor from the day before was still enjoying his toasty-warm spot on my kitchen counter. When I came home from work, lo and behold, he was still there, this time seemingly trying to poke his head through the air holes.

I have to admit, he was starting to grow on me just a little. He was sort of cute when he was enclosed in Tupperware.

Alas, while I was at my Thai kickboxing class last night, my snake-hunting kitten (OK, he is technically a two year old cat) discovered where we put his new toy. He started poking around the container. It was only a matter of time, Noe figured, before the container ended up on the ground, potentially with its lid dislodged.

Ralph and Buns study their pet in his makeshift cage.

"Hello in there! Want to come out and play?"

And, Noe speculated, we didn't really know how to feed this tiny, tiny snake. Even a cricket seemed like it would be a sizable meal for him (and where were we going to get crickets in November, anyway?)

So - after allowing Ralph and Buns a moment to say goodbye - Noe set our little house guest free in our front flower bed, where he slithered off under the Japanese maple and has not been seen since.

I am sure this is for the best. Even though I was starting to think he was cute, I would have found an empty container and a snake on the loose in my house a lot less cute, indeed.

Last moments in Tupperware

Happy trails to you...
Hopefully we will NOT meet again in my house.


Jennifer said...

Oh dear! I was terrified that you were going to say that the cats ate the snake! lmao

Becky said...

Yep...still freaked out by the snake.

Oh, and regarding your comment, we still do Borders Bucks, it's just different from what it used to be. Now you have to spend $150 to earn $5 in Borders Bucks. It's not as good as it used to he when your purchases added up to holiday savings and you could use those to buy things at Christmas, but I guess we made almost no money the year we had that program, because everyone just used their savings bucks to buy things, so we stopped it. I think you used to have to spend less to get Borders Bucks too. I'm not in love with the new program, but I guess a lot of rewards memebers like it because they still get 30% off of best sellers by using their card etc. I dunno.