Monday, March 10, 2008

White People Love Cheese

Although with nine million hits this guy certainly doesn't need my endorsement and my eight readers (who, I want you to know, I am referring to with affection and not with disdain), I feel like I would be doing my readers a disservice not to direct them to Stuff White People Like, one of the funniest blogs I have read in a long time.

Stuff White People Like explores the phenomenon of things that white people really dig that other ethnicities, well, don't. These things include Oscar parties (Kelli and I certainly did like those), studying abroad, and bottled water.

You don't really think about these being 'white' traits until you read the blog and then realize to your amazement it's true. So check it out already - it's funny, I promise. And, my white readers, prepare to recognize a little bit of yourselves.

(And the 'white people love cheese' title is not a reference to anything in the blog- that I know of - but rather to a comment made by my coworker Ryan, who informed us on New Year's Eve that that particular stereotype is "totally true." The rest of us were not even aware that this was a stereotype.)

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Lisa Gibala Warren said...

I spent some time reading that last week, and went home trying to convince Kevin it was the funniest thing ever...but he did no agree.