Friday, March 21, 2008


Hey guys, I just wanted to draw some attention to this article published today on the ASPC website: ASPCA AIDS IN ANTI-CRUELTY RAID OF RECORD PROPORTIONS.

This article is about the rescue of 516 ailing cats...from a cat sanctuary. You would think a cat sanctuary would be a good cause, right? Well, unfortunately not all good intentions pan out and this 'sanctuary' was obviously not equipped to deal with massive numbers of abandoned animals, some needing extensive medical treatment.

Please be careful when donating money or exposing animals to these kinds of establishments. Do as much research as possible. If you want to make a contribution to help animals and you can't find legitimate information on a particular sanctuary or rescue group, donate instead to the ASCP or better yet, your local Humane Society - they need it. The Humane Society of Huron Valley is a pet cause of mine (no pun intended) and they could definitely use the help. And the ASCP will use your donation to help stop mass abuses such as the one in the article.

Other good animal rescue groups in the Ann Arbor area (I haven't found the ones in Groton yet, although I am working on it) are the Mosaic Feline Refuge, a no-kill shelter operated by Rita and Peter Heydon and the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic, which offers both an adoption program (Ralph and Sunny - picture above - came from this program) and does work with ferals. You can reach Mosaic by calling 734-663-1618 and visit the AACC on the web at Contact them from specific donation or adoption information. You can find the Humane Society of Huron Valley at

I am sorry if this seems preachy, but I really hate hearing about animals in trouble and I also wanted to warn you that not all 'rescue groups' are what they seem. Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy...this is your Mom's friend, Mary Gottler. Your Mom told me about your blog and I certainly do enjoy reading it. After Hurricane Katrina I heard about an organization that helps animals in the aftermath of disasters called Noah's Wish. I have been donating to this organization for a couple of years now. I like the fact that they help our neediest friends at their neediest time.