Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skirting an issue

I don't know if I am suffering from too much Julia Child or what, but lately I've become obsessed with aprons - skirt aprons, to be exact. I even decided to find vintage skirt aprons to give my girl friends for Christmas. This proved to be slightly more difficult that I thought, as the antique store in New London didn't have any. But all was not lost - the Noblesville Antique Mall in Indiana and Salt City Antiques in Ypsilanti had plenty to choose from.

After picking out black and white checks for Amanda, blue checks for Katie, lavender checks (with fun black embroidery) for Sophie, and obnoxious yellow and red flowers for (who else?) Jess, I still had these two left for myself (I would have taken pictures of me actually wearing them, but Noe wasn't home to to do that):

This pink and white check has a great sweetheart hem

This one was going to be a gift but I couldn't bear to give it away

I have been wearing these more or less every night that I've cooked. I adore them. If anyone has any good tips on where to find more vintage skirt aprons, please share!

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