Friday, January 15, 2010

Farm Fresh

I just received my first order from CT Farm Fresh Express. CTFFE is a great service that some of my Facebook friends turned me on to - basically, they work with a number of Connecticut farms/fishermen/etc to offer local, seasonal product for purchase on a website, and then deliver them right to your door.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?  That's sort of what I thought, too. I mean, how good a selection could they possibly have? And were they really going to bring these products to my house?

Well, it turns out the selection is great - and updated every week. It's like going to twelve different farmers markets without ever leaving your house. And, although there is a shipping fee, it's very reasonable. Obviously, the groceries are more expensive than going to Stop & Shop - but they are no pricier than a farmers market and of much higher quality that factory farmed goods.

I just got my first order today. I am so excited to cook with and eat these wonderful, local ingredients. I will keep you posted on how it tastes!

My order: butternut squash, organic salad greens, beef roast,
locally caught cod, and two ribeye steaks - YUM. 

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