Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Acres

The garden is well on its way! So far, we've got (from right to left): basil, red bell peppers, cucumbers, orange bell peppers, green bell peppers, and squash. I also have herbs in containers along the side of the house as well as a tomato plant in a pot (I learned my lesson with tomatoes last year - this year it's staying contained).

I try really hard during the summer to limit my vegetable and herb consumption to what I can grow (supplemented by stuff from farmer's markets, which is way easier in the summer). I wish I was better at this year round, but summer is at least a start, right?

I can honestly say that last summer I did not buy a single bell pepper, cucumber, or tomato (although I couldn't give away all those damn tomatoes). The squash is really the only new addition, replacing the beans I ripped out because we never ate them.

Hopefully all goes well. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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Bobby G said...

have NO patience for that shit! Good job girl!