Friday, June 5, 2009

Five Things I Love This Week:
The Beginning of Summer Edition

5) Walking to work

Last summer, I rode my bike. This summer - at least until it gets boiling hot - I'm trying something new: walking. My new job (which is also something I love this week - I've loved it since I accepted it, actually) is even closer to my house than my old job. 1.5 miles is very walkable in under half an hour. It's a great walk down one street with tree-lined sidewalks the whole way. Of course, if I leave for home much later than 4:00 PM I run the risk of encountering some of the characters lining up at the soup kitchen across the street from my work building, but the morning walks are downright tranquil.

4) Large cats in small baskets

Buns likes to put her big kitty body into little tiny spaces. I like to point and laugh.

3) Local Dinners at the River Tavern

The River Tavern has to be the most delicious restaurant in Southeastern CT. The chefs know when simplicity is key but also know when to go for the exotic. The local dinners they do showcasing meat, produce, and wines from local farms are out of this world. Check this blog later in the weekend for a post about last week's dinner (above - Jonathan Rapp, owner of the River Tavern, and me).

2) Oberon

The best - or at least among the best - beer in the world. You can't get it in Connecticut...unless your new friend at your second job who is also from Michigan gets you a mini-keg!

1) Sunday Kickball

A birthday, an empty field, and fantastic weather = impromptu kickball game. No one is really great at it; no one is really bad at situation.

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