Saturday, June 13, 2009

For your consideration

Things that were awesome about today:
  • I got a ton of work done
  • I bought Bruce Springsteen tickets that are NOT in some horrendous sports arena with terrible sound
  • I bought plane tickets to go to Ladies Weekend and Indianapolis on our summer vacation
  • I found out my company will pay for me to go to grad school
  • Noe cooked me a fab steak on the grill

Things that were NOT awesome about today:
  • I didn't get ALL my work done
  • I spent a gazillion dollars
  • I figured out there are at least three weddings I can't go to this summer
  • In order for the company to pay for me to go to grad school, I actually have to go to grad school
  • The Red Wings totally blew the Stanley Cup finals


Alison said...

When are you coming to MI?

Bobby G said...

Yeah! Love the Boss!

Amy W. said...

I'm not coming to Ann Arbor. I'm going to South Haven.