Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drawing a Blanc

Two weekends ago, when I was in South Haven for Ladies Weekend with assorted aunts and female cousins, my cousin Julie - who was my wine tasting partner-in-crime in Ann Arbor and used to take me to her amazing Wednesday night tasting group - pulled out a bottle of white Bordeaux.

White Bordeaux is not something I probably would have thought to purchase unless I tasted it first. There are a couple reasons for this: 1) I have only just recently began to be comfortable enough to navigate the French waters without the help of The Earle's Stevie G.; and 2) white Bordeaux has not enjoyed the best reputation over the past years - at least, not the drier varieties.

However, white Bordeaux seems to be enjoying a renaissance. Nice, dry white Bordeaux can be found for under $20 a bottle.

Julie's 2006 Chateau Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc - which retails for about $16 a bottle - was one of these. Comprised of Sauvignon blanc and sémillon grapes, it packed a punch from the start. Smelling it was like sticking my nose into an herb garden. Tasting it was even better.

No sooner did I return from South Haven singing the praises of Chateau Guiraud than our local wine store Thames River Wine and Spirits put a similarly priced white Bordeaux on the tasting menu for a recent Friday night. The Chateau La Rame Bordeaux Blanc 2007 proved to be a dry Sauvignon blanc with some nice, crisp citrusy notes. It was not as heavy or intriguingly spiced as the Guiraud, but I definitely enjoyed it.

So, here I am, still trying to track down the Guiraud, enjoying my recently purchased
Chateau La Rame, when the New York Times publishes this article: White Bordeaux: Oft-Forgotten Bliss

The article talks about the recent improvements in dry Bordeaux blancs and encourages wine drinkers to seek them out as a more affordable alternative to white Burgundy. I say give it a try! Ask your local wine store what they would recommend or see if you can find either of the wines mentioned in this blog - both retail around $16/$17 per bottle. Let me know what you think!


John said...

Chateau Villa Bel Air...if you see it, buy it, and then thank me later.

Becky said...

You make me really wish I liked wine!

Katie said...

This was the 'Hey TONY, whatcha doin'?!' night, wasn't it? ha ha ha

Amy W. said...

YES, Cousin Katie, it was. By the way - what time is it there? Ha ha.

jim said...

Thanks for the mention, sadly the La Rame is already gone. As I've mentioned, I have a few bottles of 2005 Ch de Rochmorin, and any discussion of Sauvignon Blanc eventually takes you to The Loire. That however is a different posting.