Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opening Day (of grill season)

Today the temperature hit the high 70s. Not only did this mean an extremely pleasant walk to work (yes, I am back on that kick again) but also meant that Noe was just itching to get the grill going. While I was at work, he went out and bought some country-style pork ribs. By the time I got home, the grill was going and the ribs were sizzling.

Noe gets the grill going

Meaty goodness

We could have been stuck for side dishes, however, the night before I had attempted to make bean soup in the crock pot (trying to find a use for the ham bone from Easter, despite the fact that bean soup is horrendously unseasonal at this point). Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - I either didn't add enough water or let the soup simmer too long (or both). By the time I got home, the soup had thickened into the most glorious baked beans imaginable. I stirred in about two tablespoons of barbecue sauce for some sweetness and it was all mmm, mmm, good.


We hung out outside while Noe cooked the ribs, he minding the grill and me sitting on my ass in a lawn chair, dragging it around trying to maximize the last of the sun's rays, drinking rose and reading Vanity Fair. It was AMAZING.

  Being lazy while Noe does the work

 Country-style ribs, baked beans, 
and some leftover Zinfandel from work

 How do you enjoy the warm weather?


Becky said...

We went and got our grill from my mother-in-law's house the other day and were so excited to start grilling some dinner...until we realized that the burners had actually rusted out of the grill and we can't use it. Saddest day ever.

So, I will live vicariously through your grilled dinner.

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Quadriplegia and Paraplegia said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.