Friday, August 28, 2009

Hall of Famers

Sometimes I hear myself say something and think "Wow. Did I really just say that?" Like when someone asked "Hey Amy, what did you do this weekend?" and I replied "Well, I spent Sunday drinking Chardonnay while sitting courtside at a grass-court tennis match in Newport."

I know how it sounds. But...its true. That is indeed how I spent my Sunday.

My classic tennis-watching pose,
trying to get players in the picture

Jonathan Edwards, the winery where I work part-time, was a sponsor for the Champions Cup - or as I like to call it, Old Man Tennis - at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Because Noe and I are kind of tennis geeks, I was able to snag us a pair of tickets from the girl who does outside sales and events.

I didn't realize that they were VIP tickets - box seats, lunch buffet, and free booze. That was a pleasant surprise.

The first match we watched was Jim Courrier versus Pat Cash. The great thing about these kind of tours is that although you are seeing high-quality play, the players are much more relaxed and interact with each other and the crowd a lot more. Courrier and Cash were full of witty remarks. The second match was between Todd Martin and Mark Phillipoussis, who, to be totally honest, I really only know of because he was on the stupid reality show a few years back that I believe brought the term "cougar" into the mainstream lexicon.

Here are some photos from our super-classy afternoon:


Pat Cash surrounded by fans

There is a such thing as a free lunch... and this is that lunch

Noe is pretty happy with our VIP status

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