Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flying the Friendly Skies

Things that are annoying regarding flying:

1) The pilot getting on the intercom after you've started to leave the gate and announcing that you will be going back to the gate because the plane is too heavy and one passenger will have to get off. He says "I know it sounds silly to say that the removal of one passenger will make a difference, but believe me, it will."

2) Waiting 25 minutes for a passenger to decide to take whatever perks the airline is offering and get off the damn plane.

3) Listening to the flight attendant begin her safety speech again like we haven't just heard it.

4) Turning around and going BACK to the gate because the removal of one passenger surprisngly did NOT lighten the plane enough to take off safely.

5) Waiting another 20 minutes for yet another passenger to deplane.

6) The landing gear making an alarming screech, followed by an alarming thud the moment the plane's nose in the air

7) Passengers panicking over said landing gear hoopla

8) Being told by the pilot as you descend that, due to your landing gear making alarming noises upon take off, you will be greeted by fire trucks on the runway and will have to undergo a plane inspection before pulling up to the gate

9) Having to run across the concourse with two minutes to spare to make your connection and having the other passengers glare at you as you have to scramble over them (also glaring as you make loud, bitchy remarks about their totally oversized luggage taking up all the room in the carry-on bins)

10) Finding out there is no beverage service between Detroit and Indianapolis.


Jennifer said...

Rod: That sucks...

Alison said...

Oh man! That sounds scary. Was it a small plane?

I'm glad I'm not flying anywhere anytime soon...

Amy W. said...

It wasn't scary, just INCREDIBLY irritating.

Bobby G said...

ah! you forgot about the getting your bags searched at every fucking airport layover!