Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Searching for Answers

This Young House, a home improvement blog I read when I am daydreaming that I may actually some day hang pictures and paint walls, recently did a post on funny search terms that brought people to their blog. Because I like to be just a little Big Brother and have Google Analytics tracking my traffic, I decided to look and see what keywords were bringing random people to A Wiseman Once Said. Obviously I got a few hits from people searching for Dev's on Bank Street, Thames River, Brie and Blue, and the Book Barn. However, I also had some more obscure searches...

Five Movie Men Worth Loving received several random hits from the search terms "attributes of rick blaine character"; "rick blaine attributes" and "rick blaine's personality."

No doubt mentions of my BFF Rose and her hometown of Ubly/Bad Axe delighted the person who searched for "thumb label polish records in bad axe". Rose, did you know there was a Polish record label in Bad Axe? It's probably owned by one of your relatives.

I sincerely hope that my Staying Classy post helped out the searcher looking for "tips for being classy." This post may have also helped the person who was searching for "cheeses that white people like."

And perhaps my personal favorite: somebody found my Raiders of the Lost Art mix tape post while googling "build me up buttercup ghetto mix." That's a song I'd like to hear.

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