Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vineyard Weekend

Noe and I just got back from another weekend adventure (I know, September's been a bit obnoxious, hasn't it?) - this time, we were out on Martha's Vineyard for our second annual Vineyard Weekend with our Connecticut friends. I blogged about our last Vineyard Weekend in August 2008 - this one was pretty different, but equally great.

John, Noe, Sarah and Chad on the 8:00 Island Queen-
better late than never, right?

We were missing Kevin Lester this year, since he is in the midst of a two-year stint in England. Doyle wasn't able to make it, either. But we had out new friend, Jason, and he fit in just fine with me, Noe, John, Katie, Amanda, Mini Deal, Chad, and Sarah.

We didn't have as much time this year - a bunch of us had to put in time at our jobs on Friday - so our first group got out around 5:00 and the rest of us followed on the 8:00 boat. It was a more laid-back trip: more porch sitting, no beach time (it was pretty cold); more casual drinks in the living room, no dance parties. Laid-back does not mean lacking, however - I think the relaxing weekend was exactly what most of us needed.

The boys play home run derby - with a wiffle ball.

Hillrest (Katie's house) was just as fantastic as it was when I first saw it. We are all so lucky to have a friend like Katie who is willing to share something so wonderful with us. Thanks are in order for Katie's parents - Fred and Julia - as well: they encourage her to share the house and have no problems with the idea of 8-10 of their daughter's friends taking over their house for a weekend (plus, they let us see piglets when we park the car at their house in North Stonington!)

In short, I am just as in love with the Vineyard as I was when I first saw it. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Noe and I at dinner at the Lookout Tavern

Trifecta drinking rose on the porch

Tivoli Day street sale

Mocha Mott's coffee: it really IS good coffee

Superfecta reunited! The weekend was too short.

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