Monday, March 9, 2009

Planting the Seed(s)

After reading the This Young House post on seed-starting, I decided to be brave this year and try it myself. Last year was the first year I had a real garden (growing more than just container herbs) but I started with plants - well, except for the out-of-control tomatoes - those technically started with seeds of tomatoes I had let rot there the previous summer.

The seed starter greenhouse kit

Watering the starter and sowing the seeds

Anyway, I figure if the seed thing doesn't work out I can just buy some plants later. For $10 ($6.99 for the greenhouse; $1.50 per packet for the seeds) I don't think it is too painful an experiment. And hopefully this will be the result:

Last year's cucs and peppers;
started from plants.

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1 comment:

Bobby G said...

Nice! I have 0 patience for this shit! I can't water, and do all the necessary stuff to make a garden sucks!