Monday, December 1, 2008

Mercury Rising

You've probably realized by now that I am pretty enamored with my kitties. Although Noe and I both miss Nike, we are delighted to still have Ralphie and Sunny (AKA The Buns), the littermates we got from the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic almost two years ago. These two are our constant companions and often drive us to tears of laughter with their weird behavior or tail-chasing (actually, the tail-chasing is all Ralph - Buns is a bit more dignified).

Ralph and Buns (or Neptune and Venus as they were originally known) were not the only kittens in their litter - there were five altogether (although Noe and I still suspect the gray one was not really part of the family). We picked the two we did because they were pals - Buns protected Ralph because Ralph was tiny and wimpy. But we were sure that all the kittens from the litter would make loveable pets.

So imagine our distress when we heard that one of Ralph and Buns' littermates had been returned to the clinic after almost two years of living in what was supposed to be a forever home. Poor Mercury, their playful orange tiger of a brother, was returned because his family is having issues and thought the environment was too stressful and unstable for him.

Mercury is still adjusting to his new digs in this picture.
Go check him out and see if he would fit in at your house.

When we originally went to look at the kittens, Mercury was very energetic and playful. According to my sister - the adoption coordinator at the clinic - he is extremely smart. His owners said he has learned to come when you whistle for him. If Noe and I were in Michigan we would come take a look at him ourselves, but since we are not, I am asking anyone who reads this blog and is considering getting a cat to please go look at Mercury. This picture is not the best because he was scared when it was taken, but by the time you go see him he should have relaxed into his new surroundings.

Don't leave Ralphie's brother without a home at Christmas! Go check him out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is bringing a christmas cat back to Connecticut

Amy W. said...

No...Noe and I have already decided we can not have him...but I will campaign hard to find him a great home because Ralph and Buns are so awesome.