Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Food for Thought

I know I have blogged about my garden way more than anyone cares. But gardening has become more and more of an interest of mine since moving to Connecticut and I am just thrilled with how well my first attempt is working out.

My peppers are really coming in nicely

Had I known the peppers and cucumbers would grow so well, I would have definitely ripped out the surprise beans and planted more peppers and cucumbers. Even my dying basil has made an end-of-summer rally. I will have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, but the upside is I will VERY carefully clear out any rotting tomatoes from the ground this year so they do not seed themselves the way my current crop did.

I am absolutely thrilled that my cucumbers blossomed after all!

Noe and I recently began actually eating things from the garden. So far we have eaten lots of herbs, a hot pepper and a bunch of tomatoes (the caprese salad I made with my own tomatoes and basil is the best caprese I have ever made in my life). If I am guessing correctly, we could be eating home-grown peppers within the next week or two and I don't think the cucs are far behind. (I was late planting my cucumbers which is why they are just now getting to mid-size).

I have grape, cherry, and big tomatoes. Want any? Take your pick!

My only regret about gardening? I just wish I had planted more stuff!

This basil helped make a delicious Caprese salad.
I can't wait to make pesto!

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Becky said...

I use fresh basil all the time, and I keep thinking I should grow some. Then I remember that my dog likes to eat and pee on my plants, so I am reminded of why I don't grow anything.