Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome home, Lord Stanley

Go Wings! This was an awesome game. Great goals by Rafalski, Filpulla, and Fleury...that's right, Marc-Andre Fleury, the stellar Pittsburgh goalie whose praises I sang in my last post. How did Fleury contribute to the Red Wings goal scoring, you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple...with his ass. That's right - Fleury scored a butt goal for the opposing team. Zetterberg was credited with it, but we all know who actually scored it.

Don't worry, Fleury (ha, that rhymes) - I still like you. But butt goals are funny.

And now, my readers, you can relax - no more hockey posts till August at the earliest. Thanks for hanging in there. Stay classy, Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Not only am I happy that the Wings won, I am happy that your sister lost a bet. It will now cost her lunch for betting against the Wings. Also, my favorite part of the celebration is when they go into the locker room and everyone starts getting drunk. The comments begin to loosen up. Chris Osgood told Mickey Redmond that he couldn't wait to have a beer; it's been eight weeks. Drink up Ozzy!

Jennifer said...

Ha! You are too funny:)

Kristen said...

You should have been here for Joe Vision when they clinched it! It was awesome and the scene downtown was fabulous, people were out on every street corner waving flags and yelling, and all the cars were honking - it was great.

Lyndsay said...

lmao - I watched the post-game interviews on Local 4...oh my goodness, so funny...complete with this douchebag in the background of like every interview with his red bandanna and cell phone walking around on the ice and waving at the cam. loved watching the champagne-doused locker room festivities as well!